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About Us - Tour Our Campuses

With strong long term vision and planning, Iman Academy has grown to become one of the largest Islamic schools and childcare programs in the southern United States, serving over 600 children, like yours, at our two Houston locations. Unlike other public and private schools in the Greater Houston area, Iman Academy offers a comprehensive Islamic education program, competitive new school facilities, high ranking academic scores, and in-house childcare facilities, We are determined to deliver top academic programs in order to prepare your child for success in universities and beyond.

Iman Academy School and Childcare are accredited facilities striving to achieve excellence both academically and personally. Our goals are to develop: (1) Committed, Balanced Muslims; (2) Knowledgeable Scholars; and (3) Contributing Citizens and Community Builders

We invite you to tour our campuses and learn more about our school and childcare facilities. Click on the links below to learn more.