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About Us - SE Campus - Committee

The Iman Academy SE committee was established by the Iman Academy BOT to follow closely the progress of education process in IAS.

The committee is headed by the BOT vice president and its members focus on enhancing education and other areas of activity in the school.
The committee meets monthly on third Friday of each month and is happy to meet with parents for suggestions or concerns starting at 7:00 pm after the meeting based on prior scheduled time.
SE Committee Members
Name Email
Mohamed Shalaby.  IA Board VP and head of SE committee mohamed.shalaby@imanacademy.org
Mohammad J. Baba. IASE committee member mohammad.baba@imanacademy.org
Hayssam Allaou. IASE committee member hayssam.allaou@imanacademy.org
Enas Kaseb. IASE committee member enas.kaseb@imanacademy.org
Rubina Zaman. IASE committee member rubina.zaman@imanacademy.org
Karim Mohammed. IASE committee member karim.mohammed@imanacademy.org
Faris Albitar. IASE committee member faris.albitar@imanacademy.org