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About Us - From the Board of Trustees

Dear Future Parent of Iman Academy Student,

Assalaamu Alaikum, peace and blessings to you and your family!

It is with great pleasure and honor that we, the Board of Trustees, welcome you and your child to Iman Academy, an educational institution striving for academic excellence. Your consideration of our educational programs shows the dedication and importance you give to providing your child with a nurturing environment where they can excel academically, socially and physically. Iman Academy is determined in delivering top academic programs in order to prepare your child for success in universities and beyond. We also aim to ground your child with a solid foundation in ethics and morals that will help them become contributing citizens and community builders.

Iman Academy has served the Houston community since 1996 and today we operate as one of the largest Islamic schools and childcare programs in the southern United States, serving over 700 children at our two Houston locations. Our schools and programs are designed to nurture each child with a noble character, strong leadership skills and academic excellence. Each member of our faculty and staff is trained and dedicated to our goals and prepared to deliver our mission. Our team also aims to create an environment that you will find warm and inviting, therefore creating the right atmosphere for children to grow, develop, and reach their fullest potential.

We understand that our mission and goals will face many challenges and difficulties. Therefore, our staff consists of individuals who work towards overcoming these challenges before they become a reality. We are building an institution that will not only serve your family, but also serve the families of future generations. Join our ever growing school and become a part of something extraordinary!

Please visit our Houston locations to see our facilities and to meet our administration and teaching staff. We are confident that you will find our people and programs display nothing less than excellence and that Iman Academy is the perfect educational home for your child.

Best Regards,

Board of Trustees