• Care
  • Learn
  • Act
  • Perform

About Us - Our Values


We teach each and every student values that will enable them to strive for excellence. Our aim is to build a strong foundation for your child in morals and ethics which will help them become both leaders and active members of our community for the future.

Our C.L.A.P. to Strive for Excellence Program teaches students to perform at the highest level in order to be successful in school and beyond. Some examples of these values are listed below:

Care means to:

  • Be generous to those in need
  • Appreciate others
  • Listen to your peers
  • Volunteer with an act of kindness
  • Serve your community

Learn means to:

  • Commit to life-long learning
  • Improve with every step
  • Show enthusiasm
  • Make learning Fun
  • Be passionate

Act means to:

  • Be an agent of positive change
  • Be a positive role model
  • Act and dress with modesty
  • Be responsible in your actions
  • Show kindness in your character

Perform means to:

  • Aim for high standards
  • Be one step ahead
  • Excel in all you do
  • Achieve the best results
  • Prepare for success