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About Us - Our Faculty - Our Southwest Staff

Faiza Zuberi 
My name is Faiza Zuberi. I live with my husband, two daughters, and mother.
This is my third year at Iman Academy.
I am Texas certified to teach Social Studies Composite (8-12), Math (4-8), and ESL Supplemental. I teach Math8, Algebra 1, and High School Social Studies.
I have a Master;s degree in Economics, and a Bachelor;s degree in Business Administration from University of Oklahoma.
I have 13 years of teaching experience, and enjoy every moment I spend in my classroom. Teaching is my profession as well as my passion.
I believe that each student is unique, and has great potential. So we as teacher should do our best to help them overcome their weaknesses, and polish their strengths.
We must use positive reinforcement to help them perform their best, and achieve their goals. I feel extremely rewarded, and appreciated each time I see my students succeed.
I am very grateful to Allah SWT for giving me an opportunity to be a part of Iman Academy Family.
I cherish the time I spend in a very respectful, peaceful, Islamic environment, educating children of our community.

Margaret Ladapo 
My name is Ms. Margaret Ladapo, this is my 19th year of teaching and I love teaching at Iman Academy. All my 5 children attended and graduated from this school.
The solid foundation provided by Iman Academy enabled my older kids to attend and graduate from Ivy League schools like Stanford University, Oxford University, and Darthmouth in New Hampshire.
I am originally from Nigeria and have Bachelors of Arts degree in English and History. I attended Rice University and I am a certified teacher in the State of Texas.
I am very involved in engaging students to strive for academic excellence. When I am not teaching I am most likely facilitating educational projects and field trips with the Houston Bar Association;s Annual Mock Trial, Muslim Capitol Day in Austin or traveling. This year, I traveled and explored the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

Nancy Amin
My name is Ms. Nancy Amin, and I am a graduate of John Jay College of Criminal Justice where I received my bachelor;s degree with honors in Gender Studies and a double minor in Humanities and Justice and Political Science.
After completing my degree, I decided to come back to where my roots were first planted: Iman Academy. As an alumnus, I felt like my life was coming full circle with me now becoming a teacher at the school I was once a student in.
This is my second year at Iman Academy: previously as the 5th grade Social Studies and English teacher and currently as the Middle School English teacher.
In my current role, I strive to help students foster a love of literature and writing by exposing them to authors that resonate with their unique cultural and religious identities. In doing so, they are able to confidently connect with the world around them and value the perspectives of others as global citizens.

Faizan Majid
My name is Br. Faizan Majid and I currently teach Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC), Biology, and Chemistry at Iman Academy.
I have a major in Psychology with a minor in Biology from University of Houston. I am also working on my Masters in Counseling Psychology.
I went to medical school so have a very strong background in science. Teaching has become a passion of mine and I would love to make a difference in the lives of my students.

Christina Aziz
Hello! My name is Ms. Christina Aziz, I grew up in NYC. I graduated from St. Joseph HS, and received my Bachelor of Arts in English Education from NYU.
I then went on to achieve double Masters in Education and English Literature from The College of Staten Island.
I began my teaching career over twenty five years ago. I am delighted to have had the privilege for the past four years to teach at Iman Academy.

Ruqaiya Bilal
My name is Ms. Ruqaiya Bilal and I teach 6th and 7th grade Math and Science and 12th grade Physics, this is my third year at Iman Academy SW.
I have a Master;s degree in Physics, and 11 years of teaching experience.
I have two children, Syed Ayaan (4th grade) and Abiha Bilal (1st grade). As a family, we love to travel and enjoy the outdoors.

Asma Zubair
My name is Ms. Asma Zubair. This year I am teaching High school mathematics Algebra II, Pre-calculus and Geometry. I have Bachelors in Science (Pre-Engineering Major) Statistics, Math and Physics. This is my third year at Iman Academy and the 10th year in the teaching profession.
I have a great experience of teaching High School in Pakistan, and Middle and High School in Africa. I am very passionate about teaching and I believe that education is every individual;s right. I truly consider it an honor and privilege to be your child;s teacher this year, and look forward to this academic year.

Zaid Noor
My name is Br. Zaid Noor, I completed memorization of the Quran at Madrasah Islamiyyah in 2008 at the age of 19. I then went to the University of Houston and graduated with a degree in Biology.
I have been teaching Quran/Islamic Studies and Science ever since. I love kids and have two of my own. I also enjoy sports and reading Harry Potter.

My name is Coach Essam Ali. I am from Egypt and I used to play soccer for the Egyptian Soccer Team Al Ahly, as a Level one player.
I have played for Egyptian teams, I also played as professional player in Baharain, Oman, Greece, and United Arab Emirates. After ending my career as a player, I became a coach.
I am certified as a coach, I have 20 international certificates and  C and B licenses in coaching. Additionally, I have an American Diploma in soccer training from Florida.
Before coming to Iman Academy, I coached Al Ahly;s team, Club Goldie Level 1, Irvine Soccer Academy in California, and we made it to State at Loara Public High School for 4 years.

My name is Ms. Oruba Khalil, and I am the Physical Education teacher, this is my 8th year at Iman Academy Southwest. I am from Palestine, and I have lived in the United States for 33 years.
I attended Morton College in Chicago. I have also completed the following professional development courses: Coaching and Classroom Management, Elementary Student Engagement, and Social Emotional Development, including training on child developmental stages, positive guidance and discipline, and safety practices.
I am certified in Pediatric and Adult CPR and Pediatric First Aid by the American Heart Association.
My husband and I have 10 wonderful children MashAllah, 6 girls and 4 boys, and many of them are alumni of Iman Academy SW. I enjoy many outdoor activities, including volleyball, tennis, and basketball. I also enjoy furthering my knowledge in Quran and Islamic Studies.
I am excited to have this opportunity to help your children stay healthy, active, and teach them how to maintain a physically healthy lifestyle.

Reem Qaddoumi
My name is Ms. Reem Qaddoumi. I;m from Palestine, although I was born and raised in Kuwait. I am married with four kids that have all grown up in Iman Academy. I have a bachelor;s degree in Arabic Literature from Yarmook University in Jordan. I have been at Iman Academy as the Arabic teacher for 12 years, Alhamdullilah. Teaching is my passion, and I enjoy watching my students learn the complexities and the beautiful nature of the Arabic language.

Jehad Yasin Najjar
My name is Sr. Jehad Yasin Najjar, I am from Palestine. I moved to Houston, TX 23 years ago.
I have my Bachler degree from Yarmouk University- Jordan. I have been in Islamic education for almost 20 years. I began my career at Al Huda Islamic School, teaching there for 3 years before teaching at Iman Academy SW.
I have been with Iman Academy SW for 17 years. I taught Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Quran to all grade levels at Iman Academy SW. This year, I am teaching Arabic beginners; level for the Middle and High school students.
My goal for this year is to help the students learn and appreciate the Arabic language while also learning about the Arabic culture. I also want to help students grow in their knowledge and faith.
Over the years, I have attended conferences as the Ejaza in Tajweed from Al Azhar Institute in Houston in 2004, STARTALK program at California State University in 2009 and Minnesota State University in 2010, and the ISNA convention in Chicago in April 2017, which improved my skills as a teacher.
I have three beautiful children, Heba 22 years of age, Ahmad is 20, and Mouhamad is 19.