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Admission - How to Apply at Southwest

Thank you for your interest in Iman Academy admission. We welcome students from all ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds.. At Iman Academy, we give students the opportunity to reach their potential by constantly reminding them of our slogan….Striving for Excellence. Our educational program incorporates both religious curriculum and excellent academic programs that will help your child to reach their potential, if not more.

Iman Academy Schools & Childcare start Open Registration to all eligible students in early spring of every year for the upcoming academic year, and it ends when school starts. Parents of current students are offered a priority registration period a few weeks prior to Open Registration, during which they may secure a seat for their child. We encourage early registration in order for you to obtain a place for your child since many of our classes are near or at capacity. If the classroom limit is reached, you may add your child to our waiting list and will be notified if any spaces open up. Final admission of a student may be subject to review by the Principal and Superintendent.

If you are transferring your child to our school in the middle of the school year, we do accept admissions if space is available, but it is subject to review by the administration. You must also provide documentation of their academic performance and conduct records to the administration for review. The administration may decide to evaluate your child through a placement exam and/or to interview him/her to determine eligibility and placement.

If you are interested in registering, please download the forms by clicking here and submitting them to the school administration in person or via fax.